Asset allocation is key to any well-diversified portfolio. The performance of asset classes, including cash equivalents, fixed income and equities, can vary year over year. Spreading your assets across multiple asset classes ensures that you do not have all your eggs in one basket.

Our asset management services enable you to make decisions about which properties to keep, which to divest, and how to invest funds to acquire new resources and improve existing ones. Using technology and best practices, Parsons specializes in effectively administering assets over their entire life cycles, improving operational efficiency, and reducing costs.

Our managers and support personnel partner with your staff to create affordable, workable, and politically viable solutions. Our experienced team members include a range of professionals who know how to create the solutions you need:

  • IT professionals
  • Real property subject-matter experts
  • Business process analysts
  • Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) implementers
  • Oracle integration specialists

Comprehensive and Insightful Solutions and Services

We provide our clients with world-class traceability, recordkeeping, maintenance, cost control, usability, and performance tracking. With our proven processes and systems, we integrate your existing facility and asset management processes to provide visibility, advocacy, and improved resource allocation.

We’re proud to offer our clients expert professionals to perform a full suite of comprehensive asset management services:

  • Capital project management
  • Risk management
  • Building operations
  • Asset management
  • Workplace services
  • Move management
  • Space planning and management