A Success Story Unlike Others

Mr. Giorgos Antoniadis, one of the prominent banker and financial professional of 21st century, has more than 30 years experience in international markets including but not limited to; money markets, investment, wealth management and asset management.

Mr. Antoniadis was born in Athens, Greece and after compilation of his education, he started his business advisory in Europe and Middle East. Upon successful venture capital managements and merger & acquisition operations, Mr. Antoniadis expanded his interest in investment management.

One of the subjects that Mr. Antoniadis expert on is investment management in real estate projects and project development / project management. Mr. Antoniadis faced with extraordinary challenges during 1999 and 2008 and he was one of the individuals called out possible housing market crisis in United States. He advised international companies to take extraordinary steps avoid such volatile moments , and his excellent foresight prevented large losses of our company and many of our partner’s portfolios.

Some of the responsibilities of Mr. Antoniadis are:

  • Financial reporting and market analysis for the executive team, Board of Directors, and lending partners for our company and partners.
  • Asset & Treasury Management reporting in our accounts. Oversight millions of dollars of transactions.
  • Ensure company financials are in compliance with international and local standards and company standards.
  • Manage annual finance statement audits with third-party accounting firms.
  • Provide insight and advise to banks and financial institutions to provide greater clarity and operating efficiency for the accounting/finance department.
  • Maintain working relationships with investors, lending and financial representatives.
  • Develop long term capital strategies for finance growth and increase operational efficiency, while lowering costs of capital.
  • Lead with the budgeting planning and forecasting processes for the company.