Changing Global Economical Environment with Challenges!

“Honesty and Privacy are the Best Policies.”

Kambiz K. Najafzadeh, Founder & CEO

Doctor Hossein Heidari Zarei, Chairman of Baord

What We Can Do

Our Services

Financial Consulting

Our financial team build long-term relationships with partners, clients and plan their financial needs based on their goals and resources.

Construction Management

We offer flexible delivery options and creative solutions that include planning, design, development, financing, real estate, construction, and property management.

Equipment & Machinery

CPEGOIL has a design capability and rich experience in oil field work of professional engineers

Asset Management

Asset allocation is key to any well-diversified portfolio.

Trade Financing

Unpredictable political developments, as well as developments in technology, communications, and trade corridors are all factors that lend themselves to potential risk.

Petroleum and Gas

We find the oil and gas that helps meet the energy needs of the complex modern world we live in.

About Us

Concord Petroleum and Equipment Group, Inc. is the leader of the petroleum products and petroleum equipment in the oil industry.

We provide vast variety of services including but not limited to; import/export, trade financing, oil explorations, petroleum equipment and many more.